What if a Story Was Made of Snow?

What if a Story Was Made of Snow?

Documentary film 28’, 2012

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Kimmo Leed’s documentary explores the world of Finnish and Lebanese children with the help of story crafting. We get to see this Finnish innovation exported to other countries by psychologist Kirsti Palonen. Through children’s stories, the film will shed light on the psyches of children in two different countries.

The film encourages us to listen, accept and appreciate. No matter what your story is like, the most important thing is to be heard.


Director and script Kimmo Leed

Director of Photography J-P Passi

Editor Illusia Sarvas

Animations Elina Minn & Anna Virtanen & Jenni Rahkonen / Tuhru

Sound Recording Pietu Korhonen, Nadim Maalouf

Music Vesa-Matti Mattsson & Olli Petas / Tempo Music

Sound Design YLE Pasi Pyhtila

Translations from Arabic Maria Pakkala

Color Correction YLE Ilari Paavonen

Production Manager Katri Myllyniemi

Production Coordinator YLE Eija Aspelin

Producers Sami Jahnukainen / Mouka Filmi, Erkko Lyytinen / YLE

Production Support AVEK/ Timo Korhonen, Ulkoministeriön Tv-Tuotantotuki, Niilo Helanderin Säätiö

Produced for the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE TV1 “Tosi tarina”



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