Mouka Filmi

Mouka Filmi

Since 2006 Mouka Filmi has produced award-winning documentary and short films that share a warm human touch, unique artistic vision and excellent quality.

Mouka Crew

Producer_Sami Jahnukainen_1Producer Sami Jahnukainen


Sami Jahnukainen is a co-founder of Mouka Filmi. Besides films he produces virtual reality experiences, games and bad jokes. Sami enjoys punk-rock and always wears a cowboy hat when driving his 68′ Beetle.  



IMG_8906Director Jukka Kärkkäinen


Jukka Kärkkäinen is a co-founder of Mouka Filmi and has won two Jussis (Finnish Oscars) for Best Documentary. His trademark at international film festivals is singing, naked. Jukka works out to keep in shape.