The Distant Barking of Dogs

The Distant Barking of Dogs

Documentary film 90′, co-production, 2018

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The Distant Barking of Dogs is set in Eastern Ukraine on the frontline of the war. The film follows the life of 10-year-old Ukrainian boy Oleg throughout a year, witnessing the gradual erosion of his innocence beneath the pressures of war.
Oleg lives with his beloved grandmother, Alexandra, in the small village of Hnutove. Having no other place to go, Oleg and Alexandra stay and watch as others leave the village. Life becomes increasingly difficult with each passing day, and the war offers no end in sight. In this now half-deserted village where Oleg and Alexandra are the only true constants in each other’s lives, the film shows just how fragile, but crucial, close relationships are for survival.
Through Oleg’s perspective, the film examines what it means to grow up in a warzone. It portrays how a child’s universal struggle to discover what the world is about grows interlaced with all the dangers and challenges the war presents.
The Distant Barking of Dogs unveils the consequences of war bearing down on the children in Eastern Ukraine, and by natural extension, the scars and self- taught life lessons this generation will carry with them into the future.

Director, cinematography & script
Simon Lereng Wilmont
Michael Aaglund
Sound Design
Pietu Korhonen, Heikki Kossi & Peter Albrechtsen
Uno Helmersson & Erik Enocksson
Graphic Designer
Martin Hultman
Anders V. Christensen
Monica Hellström / Final Cut for Real
Sami Jahnukainen / Mouka Filmi
Tobias Jansson / STORY
Monika Lobkowicz & Sonja Scheider / Bayerischer Rundfunk & ARTE

Production Support
The Danish Film Institute / Ulla Hæstrup
Sundance Film Institute
The Swedish Film Institute / Juan Pablo Libossart
The Finnish Film Foundation / Pekka Uotila
AVEK / Outi Rousu
Nordic Film and TV Fond / Karolina Lidin
Bayerischer Rundfunk & ARTE
Creative Europe, Tv Programming

In Collaboration with
DR2 & DRUltra



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