Into Eternity

Into Eternity

Documentary film 75′, co-production, 2009

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Every day, the world over, large amounts of high-level radioactive waste created by nuclear power plants is placed in interim storages, which are vulnerable to natural disasters, man-made disasters, and to societal changes. In Finland the world’s first permanent repository is being hewn out of solid rock – a huge system of underground tunnels – that must last 100,000 years as this is how long the waste remains hazardous.


Director and Script Michael Madsen
Editors Daniel Dencik, Stefan Sundlöf
Director of Photography Heikki Färm F.S.C.
Sound Design Nicolai Linck, Øivind Weingaarde
Mix Tomas Arwe

Producer Lise Lense-Møller / Magic Hour Films

Co-Producers Mouka Filmi / Sami Jahnukainen

ATMO / Kristina Åberg & Lisa Taube

Film i Väst / Tomas Eskilsson

Production Support Danish Film Institute by film commissioners Dola Bonfils and Jesper Jack

The Swedish Film Institute / Lisa Ohlin
Finnish Film Foundation / Elina Kivihalme
Nordic Film & TV Fund / Karolina Lidin, Lise Løwholm
AVEK – The Promotional Center for Audiovisual Culture / Ulla Simonen
Sonning Fonden
Politiken Fonden
Danish Film Directors

Minerva Film

SVT Stockholm / CULTURE Hjalmar Palmgren
YLE Co-Productions / Outi Saarikoski

International Sales Films Transit International / Diana Holtzberg and Jan Rofekamp

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