Don’t Breathe

Don’t Breathe

Feature length documentary, co-production


Don’t Breathe is a dark comedy. It tells the story of a man who is suddenly led to question his existence because of an apparently minor event. It all starts with an ordinary medical exam, and turns into a complete reassessment of his life as he finds himself caught in a downward spiral of paranoia and doubt. Using a playful tone and humor, the film examines the psychological nature of man when our bearings get lost and our imagination takes over, highlighting our common fears, fragility, hopes and resilience.


Director Nino Kirtadsén

Producers Heidi Fleisher and Paul Rozenberg / Zadig Productions

Co-Producers Arte France, Sami Jahnukainen / Mouka Filmi

In Collaboration with European Union MEDIA -program, Iikka Vehkalahti / YLE



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